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  • I prefer EagleUP for quick model generation, and it has a decent library to start. The author is responsive to feedback, so I'm surprised it hasn't captured more interest in two years: http://eagleup.wordpress.com/warehouse/

    Models need to be scaled to 1000x for EagleUP. What's Sparkfun using that requires 100x? It would be massively helpful if models were interchangeable between scripts/software.

  • First, great discussion!

    "Maybe you think an open source company can't be scaled above 150 people."

    Was this remark motivated by Bre Pettis's Sept 20 blog post, in which he dances around the notion of transitioning Makerbot from an opensource to a possibly closed business model? He suggested that opensource companies can only grow large (150+) when they create educational projects. Seemed like a baseless claim to me. Even if your post is a coincidence, you've made a fine response!

    Opensource has been around longer than many in the OSHW community realize. Humans have always tinkered, hacked, and derived ideas. OSHW is only the latest way of exchanging ideas, thanks to the Internet.

  • 'it's preordering' -- Great point, Nate. I've watched several makers launch KS campaigns to fund their projects. The "successful" ones I've met are all stuck in the pit of despair as they struggle for months filling preorders. One guy raised nearly $1MM and still doesn't have a clue what a purchase order is.

    A new funding platform is a fantastic idea, but production is only part of the problem in these pits of despair. We also need to development a new opensource platform (or at least resources) to assist makers with the overwhelming tasks of accounting, database development, and shipping automation that start-ups inevitably face. I'm thinking something like Oracle, but opensource.

  • A single gang potentiometer like this is no good for stereo volume control (only one channel!). It took weeks to source a dual gang pot still in production.

  • Plane tickets booked. See you there!

  • This error has been resolved. I ordered last month and finally flashed a few (hundred) boards over the weekend, weary of this information. "Power" gives 5V, and "No Power" gives no power. All perfect!

  • We helped put Printrbot's awesome new "Printrboard" into production. It's well designed and went through a solid DFM process by engineers all over the USA. Price is already bottomed out for current demand (2000 board run).

    I love Sparkfun, but Nate's right to stay out of the competitive RepRap market until the dust settles and Sparkfun can add value.

  • During our tour a couple Fridays back, they said every single employee pitches in. It's the only way to quickly knock out this IRS requirement...

  • I'm flying to Denver this week for a different event...wish I could stay for this!

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