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  • You can check my clips here: ,

  • You can do this with a Raspberry PI. Check my post above

  • You will get 10 FPS (9.7). It is regulated in hardware so it can be exported without special permission

  • I have made an application for this module with a Raspberry Pi

    You can download it here:

    You start it with .sudo/LeptonPI.exe You also need to make a directory "Rec" and don't forget to check the config file if you want to add or edit the palettes or change other settings.

    I use GPIO to control it but you can get basic functionality by just hooking it up:

    Input 1 (GPIO 18): Cycle between palettes Input 2 (GPIO 17): Toggle recording on/off Input 3 (GPIO 27): Calibrate sensor Input 4 (GPIO 22): Auto range (set the scale compared to the ambient temperature)

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