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  • Are these a custom sparkfun design or is this an acquisition? I’m trying to figure out how to get buttons like this in different sizes.

  • It depends on whether you’re working on MIDI IN, or MIDI OUT/THRU.

    MIDI Out and thru get pin 2 soldered to ground. Do NOT solder pin 2 to ground for MIDI IN. It needs to float or else you’ll get a noisy ground loop.

    Schematic and my own OSH board design here: http://10rem.net/blog/2012/03/13/designing-the-open-source-hardware-net-gadgeteer-midi-module

  • In the schematic, it looks like pins 4 and 5 are reversed for all the MIDI connectors.

  • Well, it would, if the contest was only for new people. It wasn’t, so the ad doesn’t sum up anything related to this.

    What many here are complaining about (and you as well, I assume) is that the current customers aren’t entitled to some sort of boon just because they’re a current customer.

    It was a contest, not a breadline.

  • Otherwise, this just pisses off everyone that didnt win.

    Please look up the definition of “contest”

  • Scammed? Please go look up the definition.

  • Wow, just wow at some of the comments here. I can’t believe the sense of entitlement some people have.

    I found the captcha approach a bit boring, but tried it in between other things today. No, I didn’t win, but I don’t get on Sparkfun’s case over it. Sheesh.

    Thank you Sparkfun for creating the contest and giving away the money. I think one bit of constructive feedback from all this was that the recaptcha approach was boring. I figured you’d try something different next year anyway.

  • Sounds like time to get a new job :)

  • I have refreshed, shift-refreshed etc. Just hit it from another browser and it worked. Some sort of odd caching issue, I guess. Glad to see it’s working, though. Thanks.

  • I know that. That’s why I said it’s not something I recommend as general practice. Did you see the image I linked to?

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