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  • I'm not wrong in anything except that drawings exist buried in the Dropbox zip file linked only from the forum topic, that topic is at this moment on the second page of topic listings of "Shapeoko 3 Assembly" subforum inside of "Get Help!" subforum [!?!?!] of the Shapeoko forum. If you do not consider that deliberately hidden when Shapeoko has regular GitHub repository with other less important parts, then I don't know how you define hidden. We all know that this Mechanical Kit is 90% of the price of the Shapeoko Deluxe kit, so please don't play naive. The same was always the case with Shapeoko 1 & 2, and inability to find the drawings until the next version was released was what kept me from Shapeoko.

  • It's a small subset just released. Note what states on the page you've linked:

    Please note that the file(s) below were preliminary, in advance of the formal released plans and are kept for reference. Also note how many part are there on other picture here: Not there is no drawing of the assembly, there is not even a parts list, link on that page to "Parts List (unofficial)" links to a dead Dropbox link.

    Let's not beat around the bush, the same story repeats for each and every Shapeoko machine, the drawings of the previous version is available when the next machine is released, and previous one becomes obsolete. That was the case with Shapeoko 1, 2, and now is the case with 3. It was released many months ago and drawings are still not there. Only thing that surprised me is that SparkFun agreed to this game.

  • Why is SparkFun lowering it's standards and selling closed-source stuff like this Mechanical Kit? Take a close look at that repository and you'll find only one drawing for one of these parts, and that drawing has no dimensions. That is not a mistake, Shapeoko intentionally never ever published the drawings of this kit, only open-sourced elements are electronics and software, key parts needed to make this machine are missing and kept closed.

    Shame on SparkFun for supporting such an attitude by selling this kit.