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  • This thing is more power hungry than Alexander the Great. Forget running it with an Arduino & 9V: it hardly budges. After several hours of tinkering, I ended up powering the servo with 4 AA's and the Arduino with a 9V. If the power isn't sufficient (too much movement/low batteries), the Arduino will reset. You can also power the servo with a battery and the Arduino with a PC, but your mileage may vary.
    For all those having issues with controller boards resetting, use a separate (and higher voltage) power supply for the servo and you should be fine. Not sure how long those batteries will last, though.

  • Fun little claw, with a fun assembly too... As others have stated, the holes are not aligned, but with a Dremel & drill press I was able to redrill the holes in just a minute or two.
    The claw itself is very wobbly and therefore not very precise, but for $20 total, it's a fun little mini-project, and I look forward to making a place for it in my next full project.

  • Love this thing. It converts bread into toast faster than my toaster.
    It's hard to complain about a $10 heat gun such as this, but the cooldown is a bit frustrating. After about 3 minutes of use it won't turn back on if you turn it off. I usually end up waiting about 20 minutes until it will turn back on again.

  • I really want this, if nothing else just for the color scheme.

  • People are looking at this the wrong way.
    It's like a sweepstakes, but the odds of winning are much higher. You shouldn't expect free stuff, but rather be ecstatic if you actually receive something.
    Thanks for the opportunity, SparkFun! Never have I been so willing to sit at my computer refreshing a website for two hours straight.

  • Awesome presentation! I never thought about how daunting entering the world of electronics was, but now I've come to realize just how useful SparkFun is.
    Without the tutorials, product descriptions, and forums, I might not have ever purchased my first Arduino, then some more components, then $300 worth of more supplies!
    Thanks Nate, and thanks SparkFun staff!

  • Scratch that. I started over and bought a new PCB and pad, and it works just fine!

  • SparkFun is good at reading minds. I was tweaking my own simon game when I read this.

  • Be prepared to add better conductive material to these buttons. I spent hours trying to debug my code and circuitry only to realize the material is a poor conductor (Arduino takes 1-6 seconds to read a press).
    I have yet to find a good method for coating them, however.

  • I use a separate iron stand so I just left the holder off. I have had no problems with stability, and it's extremely easy to adjust!