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  • If you need them before SF gets them, it think you can get them from the big electronics places online.

  • An added comment. These are great connectors, but one caveat. We used this product family for a ship board application that needed a IP68 rated usb key port. The connectors are only water/dust rated when they have the cover or proper cable attached. You have to use the cables or the cover that have the dust/water tight end on them that screws onto this connector. We had users leaving the cover off, and water would get into our instruments. If you follow the rules, it is a great connector.

  • I wonder if my strategy to mix plaids, stripes, and camo is helping me seem more macho to my Viking co-workers. My girlfriend says it should be fool proof. I just want to fit in.....

  • It would be great to have a serial enabled or serial backpack version of this. What can I say, I am lazy, I like offloading all the mess of wiring and code.

    I have several of these and I love them:

    Sparkfun Serial Display

  • LEGO Mindstorms $299.99 at amazon

    2 touch sensors 1 color sensor 1 ultrasonic sensor 3 servo motors with encoder feedback

    612 parts to build with Graphical programming interface definitely hackable (hardware and software)!

    Still WAY more expensive and less flexible than making your own.

    Cubelets seem like a refined solution to get people thinking about robotics without the huge learning curve. I coach a FLL Mindstorms team, and it took me our entire 14 week season to get just some of the kids up to speed with programming. This completely eliminates that and just lets you snap together and start experimenting. I wish I could afford this for my team, but at this price.....

  • I can't believe the complainers. Here you have a great company, giving to charity, giving back to their customers, and all you can come up with are bad things to say.
    IT WAS FREE!!!!
    I spent all morning trying. Couldn't get in until late, the server wouldn't accept my answer. I had an absolute blast, edge of my seat, suspense, it was like watching some close sporting event, but better, because I had a chance to win.
    You people need to suck it up, and thank all the people that put this thing on.
    THANK YOU SPARKFUN. And just out of selfishness, you should do this every month, now that would be a test on your servers.

  • I think you are seeing an optical illusion. The pins are offset in parallel to body of the header.