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  • What is the max current or voltage for this connector and the attached wires?

  • What the purpose of the milled out channels in the middle of the board near Humidity and Pressure?

  • Did you use any of the replication features in MySQL and are you planning to do so on PostgreSQL?

  • Once I got used to the postgres catalog, I found it much more informative than information_schema. I do, however, miss 'show create table' or 'show create whatever'.

  • Could I adjust brightness by PWMing the 12v input line to adjust voltage? Would that effect inverter lifespan or audible noise? I plan to use this to drive the EL sequencer and adjust brightness for all channels at once.

  • What would be a good enclosure for this board plus a 12v inverter? Are 3/8 nylon standoffs the way to go? Should I just feed the el wire tails in through a grommet or is there a better way? Do I need to worry about exposed terminals around a dry Christmas tree?

  • Is there room inside the case for me to add a momentary switch in parallel to the relay?
    What are the physical dimensions?
    I would like to create a timer which powers various phone chargers for x hours. The button would be to begin the timer (powered by the output of the tail). The timer would then hold the relay closed for a period of time before committing suicide. This mechanism would live under a false bottom in a box.

  • Along with a few IR LEDs, could this be used to take IR photos in the dark?