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  • I wrote out a reply to you, but it ended up as a top level comment by accident - I hope it has some useful info for you.

  • eskalar,
    I don't have any guidance on how to use the adj pin to pump more power through the LED, but you should know what those LED datasheet numbers mean. 700mA is the highest you can drive to expect less than 70% light loss over 50,000 hrs of life (10 years of use). So yes, you can drive these LEDs harder than the datasheet max without them popping instantly. YMMV
    In my experience the single thing that will instantly kill an LED (other than static) is an excess junction temperature. It's hard to get a measurement of Tj though, but if you can keep it cool enough you can run huge currents through the LED. Since we can't provide infinite cooling we need to pick a current that will settle out to an appropriate temperature.
    As for a nice RGB white, well, it's a difficult thing to do even with professional fixtures. I'd say just give it your best trial and error - I usually end up with the most red, less green, and the least blue.

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