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  • BryanC:
    I've been working with the Chipquick SMD 291AX syringe. The boards include 0201, MSOP10, QFN24, TQFP64, and LTCC70 packages. The boards are all professionally fabbed with solder masks and tinned pads.
    The syringe works, but it is slow, tedious, and almost inevitably requires some hand rework after reflow to clean up solder bridges. It's extremely time consuming to apply the paste, and it never goes on quite evenly, leading to skewed parts and pins with solder blobs. I've had to rework several boards because the under-chip ground pad has either too much or too little solder, causing problems with pin adhesion as well as heat-dissipation issues.
    If I can actually get useable stencils from these Pololu folks for $20-50 I'm going to be the proverbial Pig in Mud.

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