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  • So i bought a stencil set with one of these metal contraptions to put the BGA GPU in as soon as i got it off, and then basically use hot air to reflow it onto the motherboard, this time with (flexible?) leaded solder balls.

  • i've also used an AYOUE 968 rework station (hot air to 480 degrees celsius) and regular soldering iron. Pretty much the same as you have in the picture. I also used a skillet on which i suspended an xbox360 motherboard for reflowing the GPU. (a common problem with older xboxes, and i mainly did that one repair).
    I did get too many returns after a while the problem resurfaced and it seemed that the only solution was Reballing the BGA GPU (or whichever component had the problems). The story on the xbox forums is that the leadfree solder cracks under the slight warping of the motherboard as the first GPU's get too hot for the design. Fact is that there are a lot of older xboxes out there that are not working anymore.

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