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  • Depending on your country you can get the RTCM data over the internet (this is called virtual reference station VRS). In many regions of Spain you can get this data stream for free (in my case I get it for Catalonia over the ICC institute). If you haven?t such a service for you region or country you need a radio receiver for the EGNOS base stations (in Europe) but I haven?t tried this.
    Remember that if you are going to use RTCM protocol data you must set the correct protocol with the PMTK_API_SET_DGPS_MODE, by default this is set to WAAS.
    I hope that this will be useful for somebody.

  • I turned my LS20031 GPS module into a DGPS module.
    To do this you just need access to the second serial port of the MC-1513 chip (I can?t understand why Locosys haven?t made a pad for this).
    The MC-1513 chip is able to receive RTCM correction data over the ?B? serial port, so you need to solder a wire to the pin number 1 (RxB) from the MC-1513 chip and connect it to your microcontroller or what ever you are using.
    You can use the module in DGPS mode using two serial ports:
    - TxA: for receiving NMEA data
    - RxA: for sending configurations (MTK protocol)
    - RxB: for sending RTCM data
    If you have only one serial port you can put a switch for selection of RxA and RxB (normally you configure you module only once and then you use it)
    That?s a link for the MC-1513 datasheet: http://www.locosystech.com/download/module/MC-1513_datasheet_v1.0.pdf

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