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  • | about 2 months ago

    I was somewhat disappointed with the limited scope of the first GoldieBlox toy, but my 5 year old daughter was not. It’s not a good fit for all girls, certainly, but it seems to me like 95% of their target demographic (4-9yo girls) are into princesses and pink everything. And my daughter likes that it’s unarguably her toy and that her older brother has to ask to play with it.

  • News - Quad Fever! | about 3 months ago

    Pretty cool… the quad itself looks identical to the Syma X1, which has been a very robust (and cheap at $35) micro quad in my limited experience (survived repeated tree-ings, so that’s something). The X1’s controller is visually similar to the QX130’s, except that the “aux” buttons are fake and do nothing.

  • News - Enginursday - RFID techno… | about 7 months ago

    We have a museum exhibit where iPads are placed in podiums while the user interacts with a video wall. Each iPad (provided by the museum for the exhibit) has an RFID tag inside the back of its case, and the podiums have the Parallax RFID modules built in. The user interacting with the video wall then has the ability to save items to the iPad, and the RFID allows the computer running the video wall to know which iPad is sitting on the podium so it can update the app on that iPad. Very seamless, and fun to prototype too. Adds some useful physical knowledge to the software world.

  • News - Chernobyl and the Leiger | about a year ago

    Here’s the original of that chart, minus the JPG artifacts:

  • Tutorial - Run SPOT Run | about 2 years ago

    For balloon recovery… if your balloon lands on a mountain higher than 22k, I guess you can write it off. :)

  • News - Night Flyer! | about 3 years ago

    Just add a long-exposure camera for a flying POV rig…

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