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  • I heard something about this robot arm using Analog servos. I recall these are the new generation of servo motors with direct feedback. So there's a 4th wire in the servo motor interface which provides the positional feedback back to the controller.

    This obviates the need for an external position feedback mechanism on the mechanical linkage of your robot. Something I've been waiting for 40yrs now - while having to hack the servos in the meantime to perform the same function.

    At the same time, this makes it much more practical in allowing you to implement the Learning Mode - less parts to deal with. You might want to emphasize the importance of this option much more than the short sentence blurb mentioned in the video, and also mention it in your Feature List -- as most people probably wouldn't notice the difference.

  • update: found a later version, that was smaller, less features, but the same general layout. This had only one console, the early version had 2 consoles - with more instruments - and a larger breadboard area http://www.pinterest.com/pin/252412754088252616/

  • I had that lego based electronics kit from Heathkit too, I was 8yrs old in 1970. My older brother bought as a bday gift, he was still away serving in the military, so I had to build it myself cause my parents didn't anything about electronics. Looking back I think that was the best approach to get young kids into electronics. I wish I kept it, my parents retired and cleaned out the house while I was gone. I still can't find it in old catalog, but I only have a couple of copies.

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