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I am an electrical engineer and work for one of the top US companies that automates breweries, beverage companies, pharmaceutical companies, and nearly all food manufacturers. I am constantly making SOMETHING, be it a Roomba with machine vision, designing custom EMG software and hardware, or developing on my Raspberry Pis and Beaglebones.



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English, some Spanish, some German

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C, C++, C#, Perl, Python, Visual Basic, Assembly Code, Wiring, Processing, Java


Colorado State University


Embedded systems and firmware, machine vision, product design, steel fabrication, industrial robotics, industrial automation


Electronics, piano, stringed instruments, physics, knitting, tarantulas

  • It’s interesting that you guys are selling fully assembled units. The reason folks buy stuff from Sparkfun is that they are looking to make things; common sense would say that a majority of folks would want to assemble something like this as well. The main benefit of buying something like this instead of making everything from scratch (beyond convenience) is that most folks don’t have the correct machinery or workshops to do it themselves.

    I would very much like to see (and would VERY likely buy) an unassembled kit that included good servos for a decent price. The current $400 price point is a bit much - if you cut the costs of assembly and just shipped a box of parts, you could sell it for $200-$250 and likely get a few more folks to buy it. I could very easily order/commission all of these parts for around $150 end cost from local sources (ie, non-bulk/non-ebay pricing) - the $400 price tag just seems a bit much to save a bit of errand running.

    The more folks that purchase it, the more feedback you will get, the better the product becomes, the MORE folks purchase it…..the cycle goes on and on. I’d love to see robotic arms take off like RepRap and 3D printers have. But, the only way to do that is to make things accessible at a software level AND at a price point.

    One more thing that the uArm Team might consider are geared DC motors with small encoders in place of hobby servos. The end cost is going to be about the same, but you are able to tailor your acceleration curves (WOOT PID LOOPS!) much more easily to reduce backlash and your precision and repeatability increases dramatically. Hobby servos are easy, but not great for larger robotic systems.

    Edit - Somehow, I missed the picture with the unit next to the $2 bill. There is SERIOUSLY no reason this should cost $400. There is also no reason it needs to be made out of aluminum for something this small. Acrylic would work just as well. Don’t get me wrong, the aluminum is nice, but a bit overkill structurally speaking. A well programmed acceleration curve would nix vibrations out the window.

  • Quick Statistics and Tolerances Lesson:

    When it comes to adding resistors in series, there is no “accumulated error” percentage wise. If you put a 10K 1% resistor in series with another 10K 1% resistor, you will have an equivalent 20K resistor with a 1% error. In maths maxError = 01*10000 = 100. maxErrorOfEquivalentResistor= 100+100 = 200. equivalentMaxError = 200/20000 = .01 = 1%. <<See! 1%! No error was “accumulated” ;)

    Depending on the distribution of resistances, it is wholly possible that adding more resistors in series can INCREASE their accuracy. How? Let’s say we again add two 10K 1% resistors in series. One “10K” resistor is actually 1% higher than 10K, or 10100 ohms. The second “10K” resistor is actually 1% lower than 10K, or 9900 ohms. 10100+9900 = 20000 = 20K spot on.

    While the aforementioned example was a “perfect” example, the resistances LIKELY have a gaussian distribution (bell curve) centered at the nominal resistance. The way the resistances add together, for each new resistor you add, the thinner that bell curve gets and the smaller the possible error becomes. In the physical world, that tells you that the higher numbers you select will be a whole lot more accurate percentage wise than the lower resistances will be.

  • I will be there in a top hat and all kinds of fun things ;)

  • Being a rebel, Pete waited until 10:01 to submit another caption.

  • The package said “VRRRRRROOOOOOOOM!” but all I got was “vizizizziizizizizizizizizz” :(

  • 15 minutes could have saved you 15% or more on flight insurance.

  • Afraid of flying, Pete made a scale model to test the concept. Let’s just say Pete is still afraid of flying…

  • Pete realized that if he mounted an Arduino to his plane, it would cover up the flame graphics. This makes Pete sad. Pete loves flames.

  • No longer in Boulder, Pete realized that taunting locals with a non-recyclable styrofoam plane was not as much fun.

  • Darn. Lost my Will Ferrell action figure when it flew into the pool :(

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