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  • I think it is better that the link activated than the page change. It prevents people from getting F5 happy.

  • When passing by the black and white, be sure to use your signal and watch your speed.

  • That is a neat idea, but if these are anything like their other color LEDs the refresh rate is no where fast enough.

  • Thanks. I have a white-on-black LCD screen. I think I will get this and try swapping the polarizers and see if that will work.

  • I got excited when I read this in the new product post, but was disappointed to find that it is Black-on-RGB and not RGB-on-Black.

    Do you think it would be possible to swap the top polarizer from the white-on-black with this?

  • Did anyone else see the stuff in the soldering station move around while he said "here's what we got for this week?"

  • Exactly! We used to have unlimited fiber optic internet. Talk about 15mb/s download and no bandwidth restrictions. Then we moved to the middle of no-where 10miles from town and the only thing we get is dial-up or satellite. I'm not sure if it is better than dial-up. At least with dial-up they don't cap your download limit. Most of the time it is barely faster than dial-up so who knows.
    The only way I can watch these videos is to stay up to 2am and watch them in the "unlimited period." Which really screws with my sleep schedule. It would be really nice to have a DVD set of these videos for this reason.

  • Do you guys plan on releasing these on DVD? Would be great for those of us who live in the middle of nowhere and only get satellite internet.

  • I installed the FDTI drivers on both my Macintosh (10.5) and Vista machines. This adapter works fine on the Vista machine, but it doesn't work at all on the Mac. The MacAxePad can find the chip, but it can't program to it.

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