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  • i think it would be nice if you could also have lead screws and guid rods A4 table lets say.

    Or if there is anyone can give us a webpage that can easily find all the component we need for this specific motor.

  • here is an other video for a jig a fixture model that i pirined in a Rapid prototyping machine from Stratasys, the Fortus 400mc.

    the model is designed in Catia V6 and it helps all of us to have a full control of each step or microstep.

    Have a look.

    if you like to follow me on Twitter please do so at : @Lbilalis

  • here is a control circuit for the stepper motor and the big easy driver.

  • is there anyone can show us how to fit the heatsink on the back?

    what is all these pins on the back? are all ther connected together or if i apply a heat paste and a heasink i will sort some of the pins under the board?

    please clarify or at least give us a picture or small video demonstration.

    I'm not asking to fix it for me. But the component cost lots of money and will be difficult for you if you have an unsatisfied customers.

    thanks a lot.

  • dear all i have a simple question.

    The motor is rated at 12V and 0.33A. If i like to connect a power adapter that can supply 12 Volts and 1A, then does the motor gets what it likes which means 0.33A?

    I think the load will get what it needs (in this case 0.33A) and not what we can supply (in this example 1A).

    The pot in the easy driver is there to control more powerful motors.

    Could you explain to me what should i take are if i'm wrong?

    thanks a lot.

  • i really do not understand why you dont have enough stock for these!!!! also i have noticed that you dont have a good stock for components that get dissapeared in one day. You only order few of those and then you just forget to update the stock.

    This is not a good marketing. Does not make the people to hurry to get them before the others. this makes the people checking your thoughts and how you work here.

    I'm having difficulties to understand you. I have checked lots of the components you have in stock that really people are desperate to get, and you only have stock 10 or 20 items. This is really rediculus.

    I feel sorry sometimes for myself. It is not your fault obviously.

  • the headers that come with this board has been discontinued. I dont know why. SAD.

  • i got the oscilloscope, i'm not really happy. Is there anyone that has the same feeling as me? The oscilloscope is very sensitive of the EMF and especially when is close to a power supply or other equipment. You cannot work like that. In my lab i have more than 2 power supplies, and other equipment that causes some fractuation on the signal. Even the same equipment (oscilloscope) causes problem to itself.

    Apart from that has also a lot on noise at its peaks and it is very difficult to measure the p-t-p.

    Anyway, i dont expect enything from this oscilloscope, but if anyone has uploaded any video from the oscilloscope he got from here please give us the link to check it out on youtube.


  • yes they really expensive here in Europe. I couldnt find it in better price. I was in US in October but the item was out of Stock, i'm really unlacky. I hope this one will come from the reseller here in Hellas, will be in a good working condition, otherwise i will send it back immidiatelly.