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Member Since: September 20, 2010

Country: Russia

  • Need 240 VAC version for Europe.

  • Datasheet link broken!

  • Be careful! Check your power adapter before use: I’ve received my phone from Sparkfun with 9V adapter instead of 5V. I was very frightened when I’ve seen the smoke after powering it on. So I immediately replace 9V adapter with my own 5V. Fortunately the phone wasn’t harmed.

    Other drawbacks: - the phone can’t charge and receive calls simultaneously. For me it is major disadvantage, so I’m thinking of replacing the battery with regular power source. - no charge or signal indicator. All LEDs are inside the case. - there are a lot of scratches and even some rust on the metallic bottom of the phone’s case

    But still I like it very much. The phone does it’s job and has authentic look.

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