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  • Ok, so then what on SparkFun.com could be used as a replacement for an LM386? (I couldn’t find an actual LM386 here).

  • If you’re referring to the first picture, then either:
    a) They changed the picture after your comment, or
    b) 5x5=20.

  • In that case, I’ll be waiting, hopefully not too long. (Yeah, I know there’s not really a difference for a beginner like me, but still…)

  • [noobquestion]Ok, I’m not really familiar with this stuff, but basically you can just slide this thing into the Arduino Uno (or any compatible one) to program it, and then use it in a circuit just like it were a full sized Arduino board, only with the stuff listed above (5V power supply, a serial connection and a 16MHz crystal or resonator)?[/noobquestion]

  • Lol, that’s almost exactly the stuff I’ve got in my cart other than this kit! You could just add the extra stuff yourself, I don’t see why they would be put in this kit.

  • Yay, finally it includes the holder! Now I can order!
    By the way, same question as Nakor, will you be updating the kit by switching the Duemilanove with the Uno?

  • I’m planning on ordering one from Europe. Is there anything in this kit that is not compatible with the sockets used here (220V Schuko), for instance wall warts or anything? Can something go wrong because of the difference between the US and Europe standard? Or is the USB cable the only power supply?

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