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  • Allied Electronics has it in their "Extended Range" which means 8-10 days lead time and $50 minimum (or $10 charge).<br />
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  • Just like any other tx/rx setup, it will work best if only one transmitter is transmitting at a given time, otherwise you'll have waveform overlap on the receiving side and the data will be unusable (this is called a collision). This means that if you're sending something important, you'll need to send it multiple times since the receiver has no way to acknowledge that the data was received. If you look at the links posted, you'll find many are using a sync byte, an ID of some sort, and then a checksum as rudimentary verification of the data. You'll want to do the same. Also, remember, you should be sending data in short bursts if possible, then allow a decent amount of time between bursts, especially if you're using more than one transmitter in the same range.