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  • Trying to use an XBee Explorer and Shield boards but in the Exploring XBees and XCTU tutorial it states the following: "Special Considerations for XBee XSC Modules! For those using an XBee XSC series, the pinout is slightly different in the XBee family. Pin 6 on the XBee XSC series uses it as a configuration pin, instead of having an RSSI pin on pin 6 like most XBees. For standard serial UART pass-through uses, this module can be mounted to one of our XBee Explorer boards with a small adjustment. For the explorer's, locate the RSSI jumper on the back, and cut the trace between the pads with a hobby knife. For the XBee shield, simply disconnect the resistor or LED next to the RSSI pin using a soldering iron."

    However in the current DIGI manual for the XBee-PRO 900HP/XSC RF Modules S3 and S3B it shows Pin 6 DIO10/PWM0 as GPIO/RX signal strength indicator and Pin 3 DIN/CONFIG /DIO14 as Input GPIO/UART data in.

    Before I start cutting or disconnecting could someone please clarify what is actually needed here.

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