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  • not to be snarky, but aren’t you describing a helicopter? i understand the hovering and following additions you want to make, but the mechanics sound like a helicopter.

    which, of course, is a successful design and i’m all about using off the shelf stuff…

  • seems to me that the picture at the beginning of the video is in bad taste on the 50th anniversary of JFK’s death. are you trying to emulate the arrest of Oswald for some kind of humor?


  • this board is garbage. i’ve gone through three of these with a former senior scientist in robotics at a national lab. stick with the 293’s and 298’s.

    this problem isn’t just with this product… i’ve had problems with other boards. sparkfun’s product development philosophy is that it’s okay to make money on products that haven’t been fully fleshed out at the expense of their customers. but the fact is, this is not okay.

    i’ll buy breakout boards, but boards developed or endorsed by sparkfun are off the table for me.

    sorry sparkfun, i like you but your engineering sucks.

  • luv it


  • looks like this has the split center pin. in my humble experience, those split pins just don’t work. i always go for a solid center pin, and they never fail. sorry sparkfun.

  • It’s kind of inappropriate for Scarface to put his head up a coworker’s skirt.

  • that’s one derp for me. ;)

  • how does the arduino keep from shorting while all the bottom solder points touch the aluminum?

  • i don’t want to diss on rob either, but i like the more technical explanations and potential uses for the more complicated stuff (like the function generator). also, the demo was great, i thought, because it wasn’t like the other demos which get a little heavy on the silly. you never know when you may need a variable oscillator… probably before i’ll need to make a box with a horn in it. just sayin'.

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