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  • Can someone explain why this would be a worse choice than an ADXL345?
    My primary use will be the accel, though I was going to eventually want a compass as well. This appears to have a higher precision than the ADXL345 (12 bits vs 10), but maybe the accelerometer on this has less accuracy? ADXL has a 16g scale, but I'm pretty sure 16g would cause my quadrotor to disintegrate so I don't think I'll need that. This doesn't have SDL, but I prefer i2c anyway. The i2c voltage level isn't going to be an issue since I'm also using an ITG-3200 which has the same requirements.
    This says 16 bit, but the accelerometer apparently comes out as 12 bit, ADXL ALSO says 16 bit, but for 2g it only operates at 10 bit. ADXL has 4mg/LSB resolution at each setting, this has 1mg/LSB for 2g, 2mg/LSB for 4g, and 4mg/LSB for 8g. So it's FOUR TIMES as precise for 2g applications than the ADXL.
    As far as I can tell for an additional $2 I get extra resolution and a compass and no significant disadvantages.

  • I haven't been able to get mine working. Filed an issue over at the github page (http://github.com/nseidle/OpenLog/issues#issue/48)
    Essentially the problem appears to be with activating the SD card, though the light that's supposed to tell me it's having trouble reading the SD card isn't blinking.

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