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"Please return your seat back and tray table to the full upright and locked position make sure your seat belt is securely fastened in preparation for landing." The voice resounded over the PA. I glanced over to the blonde beauty sleeping on my shoulder. She parted her weary eyes after the long flight and looked up at me content on her face.

We had been working hard and had finally arrived at our long awaited vacation destination. A week at an all inclusive adult only resort in Punta Cana. My slut stretched her arms up like a cat waking from a sun nap. She was always oblivious to the effect her scantily clad form had on drooling onlookers.

Her curvy body was hugged in a skin tight somewhat sheer white dress. Its length was just enough to hug below her bubble butt. Her massive tits were barely contained by the thin fabric straining to cover her protruding pink nipples. She cutely rubbed her eyes and yawned. As she stretched the grogginess from her body she pressed her arms at her side pushing her huge boobs together obscenely. Her arousing undulations caused jealous glares from the wife of the gawking man across the

After quite an attention gathering commute we arrived at our luxury no expense spared resort. Our first morning in paradise was to be spent guzzling booze and blowing off steam at the swim up bar. We hurriedly changed into swimming attire I opted for my favorite blue pair of shorts. I patiently waited watching in appreciation as my slut donned what amounted to a few strings covering the barest of essentials.

We made our way arm and arm to the beautiful sunny pool and plunged in. My eyes as well as many other guests followed the bouncing melodic motions on my sluts body draped in her tiny pink bikini. Before long we were liquored up and friends with all the fellow patrons at the pool bar. Our fellow resort guests, most of which were local men clamoring to get close to the buxom bimbo showcasing herself beside me.

My sluts hands wandered all over me as she giggled and basked in the adoration of all the men around her. Her hands often migrated to my large bulging cock beneath the water. "Hold my drink" She said and then plunged beneath the water and pulled my huge cock from my shorts. She came up for air and then dove down again and in one swift motion swallowed my cock whole. We were surrounded by gawking onlookers as my blonde slut eagerly swallowed my massive cock right below the prying eyes of our new friends.

One of the local women around laughed and pointed as my sluts face bobbing beneath the surface. "Look shes sucking his cock, Oh my god she is crazy." The cute local women said in a sexy accent. I locked eyes with the girl and smiled while enjoying the heavenly assault on my cock below.

Seconds later my slut emerged from below believing she had successfully hidden her actions. In her drunken state she was oblivious to the fact all around knew she had just been sucking my cock. I painfully pushed my cock back into my shorts and we continued with our libations. My slut bounced around the pool showing off her unbelievable curves to all around.

After some time we needed a break from the party scene by the bar. My slut was really horny from all the attention and led me to a secluded corner of the pool. She leaned in close to me pressing her massive tits against my chest. She looked around to confirm that we were out of the spot light and then shuffled her bikini so that both her nipples were visible to me and really anyone who payed close enough mind to us.

Her hand dipped beneath my shorts and pulled out my rapidly hardening hog. We sat quietly sipping our drinks and kissing as she stroked my aching cock. Finally she leaned in close and whispered in my ear "Daddy I want you to fuck me." I looked her deep in her glossy drunk eyes and leaned in to whisper in her ear.

"Listen up slut, I want to fuck you too but you have been teasing me and everyone else all day so if you want my cock you are going to take it right here." It was a risk we had only been here for a few hours but this area of the pool had jets much like in a hot tub which obscured the site below the surface. My slut looked around tentatively considering denying my request.

I knew my slut well she was very drunk and very horny so I knew she would not deny me. After some inner turmoil she turned away from me and pressed her ass against my crotch. She slowly pulled aside the pinky thin material of her g string exposing her pink pussy to me beneath the turbulent water. I grasped my throbbing cock and rubbed her head up and down her lips before plunging effortlessly inside.

My slut loves the feeling of fullness that my cock provides her. Once buried deep inside her she always loves to keep it in place and rock her hips on my cock this time was no exception. I took in the moment surrounded by people drinking and partying with a moaning minx positioned on my cock. My sluts lips were parted slightly and her eyes were closed and she was letting out soft whimpers barely audible over the roar of the lively crowd.

I sat enjoying the sensation of the sun on my face and my slut rocking her hips slowly on my cock. My slut coyly sipped her drink while she looked back at me over her sun glasses. We shared a knowing smile as she ground her ass against me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the party of locals we had shared drinks with migrating our way. "Hola, Its the crazy blonde girl who sucks dick in the pool." One of the men called over with laughs from his companions.

"Oh my god you saw that, I'm so embarrassed I never usually do that." My slut gasped to her new friends. My slut turned towards me blushing madly with her jaw hanging opened. We made small talk with the group of 6, 4 of them men and 2 females. My slut continued to rock on my cock using the beat of the song to disguise her movements as dance.

The group turned out to be alot of fun. They taught my slut swear words and spanish slang. The men in the group were obsessed with my slut and her bodacious body that was very nearly naked before them. My slut loves attention and I knew the combination of drinking, my cock deep inside her and the men adoring her had given her several orgasms already.

The conversation gradually and inevitably turned sexual. The group questioned my slut about sucking my cock earlier. My slut denied ever having done anything like that before. The group pried on asking what else she would do in front of them. Finally I decided to throw gasoline on the inquiry. "Actually my cock is buried in her right now." I said loud enough to be heard over the music.

Jaws dropped and all exclaimed their disbelief. My slut turned to me and slapped my chest in shock. My sluts increased pace of rocking betrayed her feigned anger. I encouraged the group to take a look. One of the men and one of the women both made their way through the water to either side of us. Both looked down between our bodies to catch a glimpse at my cock buried in her cunt.

"Oh my god, She is fucking his cock right now, She is such a slut." One of the local women yelled out to the group. The group burst into laughter as my slut hid her face in her hands. The group all made jokes about the current situation. My slut blushed madly and rocked quickly on my cock. One of the men pointed out the face that she was rocking faster.

My slut grew silent as the group all talked to me about my slut. "Does she do stuff like this all the time I wish I had a girl as horny as her." One of the men said resulting in a slap from his apparent girlfriend. My sluts eyes drifted down and her face turned a deeper red as she focused solely on humping my cock. "Look I think shes trying to um right now what a whore I cant even believe it." The man almost yelled.

"Come on slut you might as well not hold back you have nothing to hide now." I said as the latin music blared. My slut looked back at me her eyes half closed with lust and began to bounce on my cock. She bouncing uicker and quicker until he was a writhing splashing spectacle for our group in the pool. The group cheered as she moaned and bounced up and down my length.

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