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  • it is also available from the Google Code repository

  • Hi,
    As 1.1.3 firmware doesn't work with new accelerometer chip (ADXL345) I made an attempt to implement converter (BASH script) of NMEA logs into KML tracks understandable by Google Earth. It reads CSV file fith RMC strings from standard input and writes lines of KML file into standard output. It ignores non-valid RMC records as well as all GGA ones.
    Unfortunately the script cannot be posted here so I temporally put it into one of my servers
    If the link doesn't work I could email it to everyone interested.
    Below is a simple usage instruction.
    1. Get a script and save it locally as
    2. Make it executable: chmod +x ./
    3. Feed KinetaMapNMEAxxx.csv into it, e.g.
    cat KinetaMapNMEA001.csv | ./ > track.kml
    4. Open track.kml in Google Earth
    PS: The script doesn't pretend to be robust and universal -- it is just an attempt to play with tracks in google earth.

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