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  • I contacted microchip today to see if they intend a firmware update to assist with battery charging via USB. If the device itself cannot request high power operation (and indicate that it is available via an I/O pin) using a USB based charging circuit is going to be problematic. Trying to get away with a design around this that doesn't need a microcontroller, can charge via USB, and keeps the USB available for flashing updates as well.

    Right now I'm fairly settled on just using an external USB port for charging, and hiding another one inside, under the battery, for flashing. That way the charging circuit can be a MAX8895 or similar, that can handle negotiating high power (or detecting a standalone charger), without the RN52 being involved in charging at all.

  • One more for the 'waiting list' for a .100/breadboard breakout version. Such as shame they couldn't keep the same footprint/package as the 41.

  • Turn your breadboard around ;)
    With row 1 on the left, gnd is on the top; with row 1 on the right, +V is on the top.

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