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  • I own a digital printing/vehicle wrap/graphics company. Just sent the marketing people at Sparkfun an email to see if I can get them to restock these decals, IN VINYL. opefully we can put some sparkfun flames on our cars soon!

  • Id be more concerned with foaming the hell out of your beer. I’m a homebrewer. For a good pour, you need very smooth tubing with very little interference to the flow. Putting this turbine-type meter in line with your dispensing system may foam your beer up terribly. Might not - but - I dunno, I’d worry about that.

  • I just got mine in today, and hooked it up to the standard sparkfun stepper motor.

    I have a question about the MS1 and MS2… for the sake of toying around with it, I didnt connect them to anything. Am I right in understanding that if its not hooked to anything, it’s default is 1/8th steps? That would make sense, as I told the motor to make 200 steps, and it made 1/8th of a full turn.

    Assuming I want this disabled (just make full steps) how can I hardwire/modify the board to just run in this mode? Solder MS1 and 2 to ground? To 5v? Something else? I’m using this to turn a gear to focus the Z-table on a laser - the size of the gear gives me plenty of accuraccy… I dont need to turn 1/8th of 1.8 degrees.


  • When you hook these up, dont forget which pin you wired to the +5V and which you wired to ground.
    When you switch them, the chip makes a neat crackling noise then heats up enough to blister your finger when you touch it.
    Pow! $10 gone! :)
    (I know thats standard for just about any component - make sure you dont switch the leads, but this was the first time I burnt out a $10 component with a crackle and some heat. Was fun!)

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