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  • Been working with one for a few days. Then all of the sudden it is caught in some sort of death spiral of resetting. I have a sj1 closed 12v setup. 12v going to battery in. The sequencer starts up runs for about 1 second correctly doing serial reports and everything. Then stat blinks, power blinks and it follows what looks like a reset. But right away does it again. It speeds up this cycle to a point where only the pwr light is blinking stat doesn’t even come on. It does this on 12V battery or on a 12V power supply. If I switch it over to USB power. The chipset runs fine. I can switch the power over on the inverter and it works. But I designed this to be battery powered system and now it isn’t working that way. Any ideas?


    I have a workaround for today. I figure this may be a low voltage problem and I won’t be able to find or fix the cause. Someone answer me this Is the 12V sending 3.3V and the USB sending 5V since sj1 is closed? How could I test that with a volt meter?

    My workaround is adding a second 5V battery pack. But I would like to run it off of a single 12V gel cell.

    Thanks for any ideas.