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  • Almost ready to fly !

    *Electronics not included

  • I worked with some of the Altera boards in school and used them successfully in several projects. One of the websites that i still have bookmarked from that time is, http://www.asic-world.com/verilog/index.html , It has sometutorials and examples. I have not explored the open source community to see if it has more/better help, but this is what helped me.

  • you could get muscle tetanus ( sustained contraction ) with a nine volt but not spasms, this would need to be done using alternating current.

  • With out seeing the schematic it is hard to know what is going on in the system but most op amps will have internal diodes that would prevent back current, also if it is powered by a battery it is normally considered safe, at least according to the instruction that I have had (BS in Biomedical engineering May 2011) . if connecting to mains power it would be important to use electrical isolation and appropriate ground pathing. this can be done in several ways but normally done with opto coupling between the adc and the MCU if using an external adc, or on the power lines if using a on board adc.

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