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  • Product DEV-12071 | about 3 weeks ago

    “Eagle Files” link is incorrect, points to the same schematic PDF as the first link. Please fix?

  • Product KIT-10930 | about 2 years ago

    Have you tested accuracy? No RTC present… how much time does this clock typically gain/lose?

  • Product TOL-08734 | about 3 years ago

    Which JST connector series is this? Looks like PH, but can someone from SparkFun confirm?

  • Product TOL-08269 | about 3 years ago

    Yes! Agreed – count this as another vote for a cheap guts-only switching power supply.

  • Product CLS-10464 | about 3 years ago

    Jason, much closer to home, you should check out NYC Resistor:
    They do classes like this somewhat regularly.

  • Product PRT-08235 | about 3 years ago

    What library part is this? Seems like M03/M03SCREW (SCREWTERMINAL-3.5MM-3), though the M03 section description says “Standard 3-pin 0.1” header. Use with straight break away headers", M03/M03SCREW doesn’t have anything more specific, and the description above says specifically that it doesn’t work with standard 0.1" spacing.
    Also: how does the pin spacing work on the board when these are locked together in pairs, triplets, etc. Do they form a continuous 3.5mm pin spacing, or is there an extra wide gap between the 3-pin units?

  • News - Happy Free Day | about 3 years ago

    I couldn’t load the site to even get to a single quiz question, and then the contest was over – supremely frustrating and a very negative user experience.
    Are you guys sure you’re making customers happy when you can’t serve the traffic volume? I’d bet the lack of serving capacity annoyed more people than it rewarded today.

  • Product TOL-08775 | about 4 years ago

    What are people’s opinions on ‘no-clean’ vs RMA fluxes vs R fluxes like on this wick? Do no-clean fluxes work well enough?

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