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  • This would be a valid argument except that Electric Imp already developed the board. All sparkfun did was "make" it with their special red silk screen. It just seemed a wee bit ridiculous that the company that developed the board had the suggested retail price of the "april" board at $7. Sparkfun is the only one carrying this board anyway so it also perpetuates the idea that a monopoly can charge whatever they want for a product. However I would like to thank you for the breakout board that makes the project much easier on the wallet. And normally 20 dollars for a dev board would be ok, but then you have to drop another 30 for the imp, but I understand how expensive wifi shields are and I bought a "wi-fly" and it was extremely complicated and I never got it to work, so overall I'm not really complaining I just found it a bit unfair.

  • Well an SD breakout would be useful in making an impee. Unless I misunderstood the wiki, all one needs to run an imp is 3.3v and the atamel chip that gives it a unique id #. Which, by the way, is a way cheaper alternative to the jacked up $20 dev board you provide. Considering that the Electric Imp website had the board posted as 7 dollars, though I can't find it anywhere but here. Honestly I love Sparkfun and I keep up with all the new products and I love the philosophy but how do you live with a 13 dollar markup? I'll probably buy a SD breakout (from you) and that chip from digikey (because you don't carry it) and make my own impee.

  • Agreed they state no trace. My idea is for just a silacone board with plated through holes that aren't traced to anyother hole, in which i could just lay a line of solder from hole to hole, maximizing effecency. Perhaps this board is built like that but I can't tell from the pics.

  • just wondering, if i were to plug this to an AVR with some wiring, or headers, would I program it as a potentiometer or what? Another thing would you connect these to ADC or digital pins? Sorry I'm new at this.

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