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  • I’m testing a new 9DOF Razor IMU (sku: SEN-09623). I bought it in Italy few days ago.
    My suspect is integrated LPR530AL 2 axis gyro is not working properly.
    I’m testing it using original firmware, viewing gyro sensor data.
    Moving the board, the value of Z axis gyro change only. X and Y axis (LPR530AL chip) values don’t change when i move board (fast or slow) in any directions.
    Accelerometers and magnetometers work correctly on any axis. Gyro works on Z axis only.
    X and Y gyro displayed values usually start from a around 400 and they decrease to 0 in few minutes after power on, regardless board movement.
    Connection used : serial RX/TX, GND and 3.3 pins only. Board is connected to (and powered by) my pc using FTDI breakout.
    Is it dead ?

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