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  • Is dimensional data available on these boards? Any data sheets with spacing of mounting holes, board size, ect?

  • Thanks for making time to visit us at Xerocraft, we had a great time showing you guys around. If you end up back in Tucson, swing by our new building which we are about to move into, we have even more cool things going in over there.

  • Overall, this seems to be a very good supply, but it has a major problem with RF work, but first of all, the good stuff. <br />
    <br />
    This supply really is a great supply to have around, the screens have a nice, bright backlight and the numbers are really sharp. Also, the knobs are not overly sensitive so its not that hard to dial in precise voltage values on the unit. Finally, you really cannot beat the price for how solid of a unit this seems to be.<br />
    <br />
    Now, onto the problem with it. I was using this supply to do RF design work with ham radio. Nothing extreme, I was powering a small 5W 2m portable transmitter module with this supply and the transmitter was at least 4 feet away from the unit, but every time the transmitter kicked on, the supply would reset. Even my handheld 2m radio on low would cause this power supply to completely freak out and reset itself in a loop until I stopped transmitting. If I unplugged all wires expect the main AC cord and let the supply idle, it would be fine, but if I connected the wires to the DC out plugs, the wires would act like antennas and once again put the unit into a reboot loop. This power supply seems to overly sensitive to RF interference, even though the computers that run the USB scopes were not affected. If any of you plan on getting this unit for use in an area with any sort of somewhat high power RF work, move on and find a power supply with better RF shielding. I had to go back to my trusty lead acid battery due to this quark in the power supply.<br />
    <br />
    What can I say though, this is a seemingly solidly built supply, with bright easily read screens, and a great price. It does have a fear of excess RF, but I dont imagine too many people are going to be using in a ham radio or other RF saturated environment. As long as you dont have RF issues, you wont regret this supply.

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