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  • Hi everyone!
    I am trying to get bluetooth communication set-up and working on my arduino duemilanove to ultimately communicate with amarino on an android device (similar to @binaryhellstorm).
    My group is working on this for our senior design class and the budget is very tight, has anyone been able to get the BTM-182 to communicate with their arduino and what additional hardware/circuitry is needed?
    It looks like the duemilanove has a 3.3V source pin that can power the BTM-128, but I’m betting that hooking up the arduino’s TX/RX digital pins at 5 volts won’t work out too well.
    Can anyone give any advice on using this bluetooth device and how difficult it is to set-up communication using the AT command set? We have about 3 weeks for implementation so any advice would be helpful and greatly appreciated (and if there is a positive outlook I can go ahead and order one :D)!
    Thank you!

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