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  • Does anyone know how cold this can get with one of the sparkfun heatsinks? (Maybe the Heatsink and Fan 70mm PRT-10686)? Someone mentioned that -20C was achieved with water cooling but was wondering what it can do with something air cooled.

  • Seeing how many hours some winners take to win I think i'll give up now. Having some extra cash to start some projects would be nice but I have other stuff to do. I feel that this freeday events are kinda unfair to people that have other things to worry about such as work. Other freedays you got a little something for being loyal or it was something that you can jump in and out quickly in a reasonable amount of time. I suggest maybe you should reward the folks who spent an extraordinary amount of time on this years event and haven't won because I think there will be some poor fan who spent 4+ hours and haven't won.

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