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  • Seriously??? I logged in, some error occured from Sparkfuns site, and they're gone! Damn you server-side-troubles!!

  • Seriously? You retired a part that I just made a board for?! :-( NOT NICE OF YOU SFE! :O :P

  • Okay, I know these guides are for people who probably haven't got a certificate in soldering, or the tools to "do the right thing". But the knife on the board, that's up to no good.
    Instead, I would use diagonal cutter, to cut every leg on the small IC. Then use the soldering iron to remove with the tiny leftovers, by means of capillarity.
    This makes sure that you don't damage your boards.
    Then you could use solder wick to remove leftover solder, or use a vacuum soldering iron as John Price says.
    Sorry if I upset anyone.

  • Just apply 3v3 to the board, then your good to go!

  • I see, just ordered through my importer.
    Where do you find those? In case I need a lot.
    Of course you probably can't tell me, as you also earn some $$ on selling them, but I'm having a lot of trouble finding them.

  • When will these be back in stock?

  • Never? There are some in DK. I know i CPH (Labitat) and one i Aalborg. Dunno what it's called. :-)

  • Nice to see you guys made it all the way to my home country!! :-)
    About the "V?rtsdatahastigheder"
    Translated directly:
    Even I haven't heard the word V?rtsdatahastigheder.
    Good day,

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