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  • What is the ADC sampling frequency? The documentation does not immediately describe this feature in detail.

  • I'd like to use a widget like this to directly communicated between a PC USB port and various sensors but find the documentation a bit difficult to handle. Does anyone have a concrete example of how to receive or transmit information from this unit to another nRF24L01 module hooked to an arduino? Specifically, I'd like to know how to set the radio address and transmit an array of ints. Any help would be appreciated.

    The specs indicated that 2Mbps via the air is possible but is that true for this unit through the USB?

    The closest thing I've found is: http://carsonmorrow.com/nrf24lu1p.php but even that seems quite involved.

  • Can someone with a working knowledge of the Quad comment on whether it has the ability to signal average based upon an external trigger? What about acquisition of a persistence spectrum?

  • I wanted to second the suggestion of Botmaster. Any chance this board could be used as a fast analog input and if so does anyone have a sketch demonstrating such an application? Alternatively, does anyone have a solution to acquire analog signals faster than analogRead() through the I2C bus?

  • While I haven't played with this board specifically, I have rigged together a MSGEQ7 with the microphone as described and noticed that it is often useful to have a variable resistor to set the threshold for triggering the output (e.g. an LED). Maybe in version 2.0?

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