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  • I went ahead and did the change mentioned in my previous comment, then I have prommed the spi flash with the updated eeprom image: it is working just fine! I have also created a pull request in your git repo.

  • I have bought this little widget and it is really nice. However I would like to report an issue with the GPIO 05. I am able to trigger up to 31 tracks (from index 1 to index 31) using the five GPIO 00-04. I was hoping to trigger more small audio tracks (up to 63) by using also the GPIO 05. However I am unable to do this because of the way the following variable is set in https://github.com/sparkfun/Lil_Soundie_Audio_Player/blob/master/Firmware/Lil_Soundie/gpioctrl.c :

    define GPIO_MASK 0x001f // Sel. file w/ GPIO0 pins in the mask

    I think that changing its value to 0x003f would do the magic, and I am wondering why it was not set like this by the SparkFun development team. With the current firmware, GPIO 05 is actually useless.

    What do you think? Do you think it is safe to change this value? I am not sure if there are any side effects to this. Thank you in advance for any advice or help.

  • I did some experiments with my Little Soundie device and I have noticed that, if you trigger another track while one is playing, the playing track will actually NOT stop and the new one will be ignored and will not play. So you have to wait for the current track to finish before you can trigger a new one.

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