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  • So, which poor slob (err, highly skilled Sparkfun employee) got the assignment to review all the videos and calculate the correct answer. I wouldn’t think a single viewing would be enough. It would be too easy to miss a few words, so I think that at least three viewings by different people is called for. Then if at least two of them don’t agree on the correct answer, you’ll need to try again. I can see SF productivity grinding to a halt over this…

  • I need a sensor for use in a glass kiln that can achieve temperatures of up to 1800 deg. F. This sensor covers that range according to the specs, but the glass insulation is only good up to 900 deg. F. I don’t get it. Why would you take a sensor that is rated to 2501 deg. F. and cover it with insulation only good to 900 deg. F. Am I missing something? Does one remove the insulation for higher temp applications, or is this sensor really not usable above 900 deg?

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