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  • This comment is in the code and is incorrect:

    // RSSI is the "Receive Signal Strength Indicator", // smaller numbers mean higher power.

    The previous statement is incorrect. A value of minus 34db (-34db) is larger than a value of -45db and -34db, being larger, indicates a larger received power. This is grammar school level "numbers" knowledge - common knowledge. Saying that "smaller number mean higher power" is misleading and completely wrong, obviously. -34db is a larger number than -45db is the smaller number. It's the VALUE we seek, not the font composition. Some may make some silly argument but they are part of this problematic misunderstanding - the source of this confusion in the first place. Just remember, folks, aA signal of +3db is far, far stronger than -45db despite the code comment inferring otherwise. Please preserve math's basic definitions. Accuracy matters!

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