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  • Hi Everyone:
    Thank you for your comments! As TeslaFan states “"Tappity” isn’t the game. NOMIS is the game, Tappity is the service that NOMIS, a test application in the form of a game, runs on.“ And I was hoping that people saw Nomis as a good example of re-purposing the Sparkfun Simon game.
    As for the service angle I appreciate the advice that I need to explain more on the partners page. Tapitty provides the developer with networking functionality that is as easy as simply passing credentials through without any TCP-IP or networking knowledge, and without any need for additional hardware like Ethernet shields, XBees, etc. (just use your standard USB connection). We also host the Arduino compiler on the cloud, provide the ability to update all deployed devices, provide a user client that has video built in with Skype like functionality for managing user connections, etc.
    I appreciate your support.

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