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Member Since: September 27, 2010

Country: United States

  • I really need some help. Trying to do something I think should be really easy...but I am struggling. I know it's ill-advised to determine position from an accelerometer only, but I am trying to create a demo where I can detect that I have moved my board X meters (overall magnitude, so sqrt(x^2 + y^2) is fine. With the board completely still, and running through some corrections from the AHRS project, I get reading such as below.
    Acc X: -1.0 Acc Y: -1.0 Acc Z: 248.0,
    Acc X: -2.0 Acc Y: 1.0 Acc Z: 248.0,
    Acc X: -3.0 Acc Y: 0.0 Acc Z: 247.0,
    Acc X: 0.0 Acc Y: 1.0 Acc Z: 245.0,
    Acc X: 1.0 Acc Y: -1.0 Acc Z: 246.0,
    Acc X: -1.0 Acc Y: 1.0 Acc Z: 248.0
    First off, does the sensor think it is reading -1m/s^2 in the x and y coords for the first case? Also, with that much fluctuation, how can I ever get a reading worth using? Thanks for any help!!

  • Thee is no question that NSS works, just not well for large amounts of data. You can't really take in an SMS that's 140 chars long, that's for sure.
    I clipped my TX/RX0 pins today on the headers and routed those to the TX/RX1 on the Mega. I am now running at 115200 baud without any problem. I wish that Sparkfun had used any other digital pins besides 2/3...those are the only interrupt pins on the whole board! (UNO)

  • when you did this, didn't you lose all serial comms with it though from your computer? How do you interact with it from the computer to try out new commands? How did you jumper to use pins 0 and 1. Just solder those two pads together next to rx/tx? Thanks!

  • has anyone tried to read txt messages with this shield? i have it in Text mode but when I check txt messages, it's like NewSoftSerial is dropping bytes, or something. I can check the message via at+cmgl="ALL" twice and get a different response each time...any ideas??

  • Contacted support, but in the meantime...From the different placement of the UART pins on the MEGA 2560 from the Demuilenove, will I be prevented from using this shield? Thanks

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