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  • Is this board functionally equivalent (firmware-wise) to the Atmel ATZB-24-A2 module (originally the Meshnetics board before Atmel bought them)? I would love to be able to develop an application using BitCloud on a couple of these DEV-09734 boards, but after I get it working and want to perhaps deploy a couple of dozen using my custom peripheral circuitry, the ATZB-24-A2 OEM module makes a lot more sense. The ‘dev kit’ for those modules is hideously expensive (in the $500 area), and I don’t think it really gives me anything more than I would get with this board and BitCloud.
    I am not too interested in dropping all the way down to the chip level on my (eventual) custom PCB as I hate working with QFN packages and don’t know jack about chip antennas, baluns, etc, which is why I am looking at the ATZB-24-A2 module instead.
    Anyone have an opinion on this option?

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