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  • Dang!! Out of stock already? Any idea when you guys will get more?

  • This device does not seem to work at all. I have measured the voltage with a multimeter and it doesn’t change at all… Sparkfun has a good reputation, I hope they will continue to do so and fix this completely worthless board.

  • I hope i will be up by then. I really need some EL wire:)

  • And they reappear!! Thanks Sparkfun!

  • Oh, man… I was just about to buy a couple of these. Any idea when they will be back in stock?

  • This display would be a LOT better if the refresh rate was not so low. Perhaps Sparkfun could use a better/ faster microcontroller in a future upgrade? Overall, it is not to bad of a device..

  • Oh, cool. .. I am working on a low power laser tag system. This module looks especially appealing because it is low power and still puts out a nice bright dot… I am guessing that this laser would be qualified as a class 1 or 1M? Any safety concerns?
    OOPS, didn’t mean to reply to your post

  • About how far does the beam go before it gets to weak? It said in the data sheet that the beam divergence was 10- 15 millimeters for a distance of 10 meters. Would it be much worse than that at distances of 30-40 meters?

  • I love the chronicles of Sparkfun…It is a very inspiring story and it tells of a man who had ambition and did something with it…Nate went from making stuff in his bedroom, to becoming the CEO of a multimillion dollar company. Keep up the good work guys

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