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  • Since it took me a while to wrap my head around all of the drift maths, I just realized a point that might be useful to others:

    In an ideal environment of 25°C, both the RV-1805 and the DS3234 are spec'd at 2ppm drift. However, the DS3234 is temperature-compensated, and will never drift more than 3.5ppm when used within its operating range. On the other hand, the RV-1805 is not temperature-compensated and it can accumulate up to ±140ppm at the extremes of its operating temperature range (refer to app manual sec 6.5: XT FREQUENCY CHARACTERISTICS).

  • The RV-1805 maintains accuracy up to hundredths of a second (refer to app manual sec 3.1: Register Overview). Might be useful to also note that the RV-1805 is not recommended for new designs by the manufacturer and has been replaced by the RV-3028 which is only maintains accuracy up to whole seconds.

    Additionally, in ideal conditions the crystal is accurate to 2.0 ppm, which is a drift of aprox. 0.173 sec per day. This suggests it might not be suited to your application.

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