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  • I downloaded the Eagle 6.4 sparkfun libraries (again), find the "STAND-OFF" mentioned in the tutorial yet right click "add to board" is greyed out. I have no way of using anything in that library.

    A wild-card search of "SparkFun*" gets me only 4 items available:


    Note: other libraries supplied with Eagle do not have this issue.

    Update: I can get it to work if I copy the items in the Sparkfun library subdirectory to the eagle \lbr directory. Evidently I cannot leave them in the Sparkfun subdir under \lbr

  • I find it impossible to locate INDUCTOR0603 (let alone the previously mentioned CAP_POL1206, though for it I did manage to find something similar). I even tried the suggestions earlier about using INDUCTOR* (wildcard found some hits but only wrong SMT devices) or INDUCTOR06* (which sent my very high end PC off on a very long search to no avail). Whats the secret here? just pick random inductors and assume their tutorial is way out of date? I'm on Eagle 6.4

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