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  • Hi, i have an AutoDriver and connected the SW Pin to an Optical switch. When I use the function GoUntil() it does what it should, but I have one question: Is there any possibility that the driver does not stop the motor when the SW pin is triggered? I have the following scenario in mind: My optical switch is used as an end switch. With GoUntil() my motor moves until the end switch is fired. The motor stops as intended and resets the position to zero, but if there is not a lot of holding torque on the motor, it can happen, that the end switch is not only reached but also passed (maybe a few microsteps). when I now try to move away from the switch with any command (e.g. move() ), the end switch is triggered immediately and the motor will stop, although this is not intended. I hope you can understand what I mean. is there any possibility to configure the driver to "tolerate" a SW-signal without stopping the motor? thanks!

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