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  • Thanks! I just got the parts in last night, and some quick testing showed me that even hooked straight up to the coin cell battery (3.3V), a single lilypad blue LEDs (with 100ohm resistor) only draw something like 3.5mA.. and putting 4 in parallel, I only measured 10mA draw. So I should be fine with 5 in parallel off the lilytiny considering the output voltage of the lilytiny will be less than the full battery voltage, and the 'twinkle' effect fades the current up, so really i'm not pulling that much at all. Crazy that the lights can appear so bright off such little current

  • am i correct in reading the datasheet that the maximum output of a single drive pin is 40mA? so at most you could put 2 lilypad LEDs in parallel off a single pin? would a simple bjt transistor be able to take the twinkle/fade signal and drive more LEDs?

  • It would be nice if SparkFun made a supplemental disc to accompany this bundle that includes the NI-VISA drivers package (479MB download!), JKI VI Package Manager (VIPM), LabView Interface for Arduino Toolkit, and a ReadMe document similar to to guide through the setup for this.

  • Siri.. why do I have 300 channels and nothing to watch?

  • Hello Peter, I've been working on understanding your comment about the need for a charge pump to drive the voltage at the gate above the rail voltage to get the FET to completely turn on and I'm beginning to understand (i'm new to all this).
    How would I use the LTC1155 to bring the gate voltage above 12V with a 5V signal from the microcontroller?

  • I just finished putting this kit together and the sound quality is great!
    I do have a question about the LED thats supposed to indicate the status of the ON/STBY switch though.
    The final page of the instructions say that the LED should turn on when the switch is flipped to ON.
    Mine is the other way around. The LED is on when switched to standby, and turns off when I switch to ON.
    Did I do something wrong or is this a misprint in the instructions?

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