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  • Extremely "alpha" open source replacement firmware:

  • I believe the getting stuck in calibration mode occurs if it can't get a consistent reading. Mine worked fine right after assembly, but then I tried to do some flux removal after which it would get stuck in the calibration. My guess is that I introduced some micro-ampere leakage paths through plaques and/or moisture left behind by the cleaning. Substantially more scrubbing and more drying time and it was back to normal. Regardless, the circuit and basic theory is simple, so I traded out the supplied atmega48 for a bootloader-equipped atmega168 and am making progress towards a replacement open firmware.

  • I don't even have the board this is designed to go with, but have found it extremely useful. For example, I've used some breakaway headers to attach this to an FTDI cable and then used it's clips to pick out the serial lines in a project, or the same for JTAG lines.

  • I've seen this problem when I tried to grab a piece of 30 gauge wire wrap wire, but not in ordinary usage. This is the standard design for a logic analyzer probe, because it can grab with less clearance than needed for a hook type grabber - but obviously implementation details are key to success.

  • It's not a $100 high bandwidth probe, but perfectly adequate for most everyday circuit probing.

  • How about using a 1/8" aluminum plate as a carrier, but putting some kind of insulated handles on it, and then setting this in a skillet with the suggested half inch of dry sand. Idea being that once it flows, you could lift the plate out and set it on some bricks to cool, while putting in another plate with another batch on it.

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