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  • Thank you Eddiem for the pointers above.
    This really is a right mess! SFE should make some effort to resolve what they are selling…
    I ordered a number of these displays for a project earlier 2011. They came with:
    GE label on front,
    Green tab,
    Green PCB,
    GE128128-ROHS written on the back.
    At first I thought these were the GE12 units described in various forums (which use the Philips PCF8833 instruction set). Note: I gather GE8 uses the EPSON instruction set.
    With no success using Philips instructions, I assumed EPSON S1D15G10 controller, and so wrote new code around this, and managed to make some headway to display a bitmap, however the display appear to not work correctly, with many commands having no influence. I have tried all settings for DATCTL Parameter 3: 8bit/1pixel/1byte-> 0x01: Type A (12bit/2pixel/3byte)-> 0x02: Type B (12bit/1pixel/2byte)-> 0x04. Type A comes closest to working, but as others have noted, colours are not true. I found setting VOLCTR P1:39 and P2:3, worked best to get contrast and colour close to RED (0x0F00) - although it still looks like magenta.
    The DATCTL Parameter 1 does not seem to work to flip display - I have been tring to flip it through 90 degrees.
    Finally I ordered another Nokia LCD off the internet - there is a general consensus that a brown PCB signifies Philips PCF8833 controller (or the LEADIS LDS176 clone). I have had no problems getting my code to work fine on this, and can manipluate the orientation of the display correctly.
    Decided to come back to the SFE units determined to get them working, and have now spent many frustrating hours with commands just not behaving per the S1D15G10 or S1D15G00 data sheets (which I should point out are written in horrifically cryptic Japanese/English and contain many mistakes/typos).
    It hope SFE will see from all the comments on this forum that they have a measure of responsibility to their customers to at least determine what controller are in each batch of these displays they sell! They give great service most of the time, but this particular issue they should get to grips with, and have separate part number(s) for the Nokia GLCD with Philips / Epron / xx controllers.
    My suspicion is that there is not just the two variants of EPSON and Philips! The latest 2011 displays (which I purchased on two occassions - green tab/green PCB) seem to use a controller based on EPSON but not fully compatible.
    If anyone can shet more light on what it might be (and if there are any “special” or different commands to those in the datasheet), it would be most appreciated.

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