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  • I recommend being more specific on the Ethernet line item. “Ethernet” means 10Mbit, “Fast-Ethernet” means 100Mbit, “Gigabit Ethernet” means 1000Mbit. after going to the wiki it appears this is Gagabit, which is pretty cool.

  • what exactly is in this? does it come with all the wires sticking out the side and what do they do?

  • SPI is type of serial connection.

  • the traces on the board are too small to handle much current. the warning assumes that if you’re doing something that needs more power than your typical LiPO then the board traces won’t handle it. however, if it’s high voltage but a tiny current it would likely be fine.

  • BealgeBoneBlack compares a lot better. it too can be powered from a lipo pack directly and integrates a battery charge IC. it’s not quite as power efficient at 2.3W peak and 1.05W idle, but it does have a lot more IOs including multiple UARTS and i2c and SPI buses, and PRUs that are accessible right now. And it has the USB, HDMI, and ethernet that some people want. And it’s $55, not including BT or WIFI. But really, your typical robot doens’t need BT and wifi , and often neither.

    the rPi is a fine cheap little linux desktop, but it’s really poorly spec’d in comparison to everything else out there. it’s cheap, and that’s really its only advantage.

  • keyboard and mouse? will there be a display block of some form? oled? lcd? hdmi?

  • description has the word stack, and the 2nd picture shows them stacked, so it would appear so. a picture of the other side of the board would be nice though.

  • you don’t need to modify at all. just pass the min and max to the attach function.

  • this is the same connector using in RC cars. unless you have something tug on the wires, it’s not going to come loose very easily. you could always add some kind of physical latch or restraint.

  • 4.8-6V for power, signal might work on 3V, datasheet doesn’t say.

    since it’s got electronics it’s not like a normal motor, not enough volts or amps means it does not operate.